Thursday, May 23, 2019

Slow Tea Party

A friend and I held each other accountable to get some annual doctors appointments out of the way and they were all this past week. SO glad to have that done! I watched her kids one of the days and since we are all fan of the British Baking Show - I thought we should bake some scones and then enjoy a tea party to make some fun out of the day!

My little helpers weighed the ingredients, stirred and cut out cute shapes! They picked out a tablecloth, cut hydranges from the bush, laid out napkins and tea cups and whipped the cream. It was such a fun experience! But the best part was welcoming their mama to their beautiful and calm setting to put a smile in our day of unpleasant appointments.

We made Mary Berry's scones and they were so good!

I highly recommend tea time every now and then! It was such a delight!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!! I recognize some of the teacups! :)
Love, Grandma