Monday, May 20, 2019

Picnic Beauty

This whole week might end up being posts about picnics because we have had several lately at my request! For starters, this was my birthday dinner and like last year I wanted to take pizza to the waterfront park and enjoy being outside and seeing golden hour through the park and across the water.

The first little hydrangea blooms to turn blue were cut by the girls and put in a canning jar knowing how much I would love them! Parts of this day were so stressful that I wondered if it were worth even doing the picnic and my Mom and I talked about it and decided to go forward with it and I'm so glad we did!

It was so restful and peaceful and just what I needed to fill my beauty tank just a little during a very busy season. I've been working a lot of my book this week trying to get the text polished up and finished to begin formatting. And it has dawned on me that beauty making takes margin - when we are stressed and frazzled, running to and fro, there is not room for beauty making or beauty enjoying. We are just surviving. I'm grateful that this week has brought lots of margin and with it - lots of beauty has been enjoyed as well.

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Agnes said...

Happy Birthday Monica!!!