Tuesday, May 14, 2019

April/May Goals

April goals:

- host an all CC training for Directors in my area: check!
- my Mom was here for three weeks and we had a great time together!
- take a girls road trip to Florida for the Downton Exhibition: definitely a highlight of April!
- enjoy simple everyday beauty at home: yes, but things were much busier than I would've chosen! I want to improve upon this in May.
- continue logging my meals into My Fitness Pal: fail. I didn't do well with this at all. Busy means I don't succeed well with extras like this. I'm eager for summer so our schedule will slooow down a lot!

May goals:

- make and deliver May baskets: this one is already complete! I had clipped a photo from a magazine last year and had it paper clipped to my calendar all year saving the idea for this year! It was a berry basket May Day arrangement and I am so happy we got to do this! I'll write a post about it because it was a very fun experience!
- finish school: also complete! we finished May 3rd and I am grateful to have another year of homeschool completed.
- host CC Practicum for our area: complete - we had this last week!
- rest
- complete all book edits and start picking out photos for my next book
- complete the Discern and Decide course from Emily P. Freeman
- lots of reading - I have a big stack of books I want to read this summer!

What are your May goals?

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