Friday, March 08, 2019

Refreshing my Perspective

One thing that time away from home does for me is refresh my perspective. I don't know about you but I can get into tunnel vision when my surroundings are the same every day. I can start to over-think the same things and have a hard time seeing through the wider lens to the larger view.

Seeing new things can inspire, re-energize and spark new ideas and creativity. It can be a new way of thinking and can require me to be flexible and open to new things.

This was my second visit to Magnolia Market - and it was a joy to be reminded of sweet memories shared here the first time! Getting off the plane almost three years ago and having my Dad call and tell me how glad he was that we were getting to do this girls trip. Spending time with my mom and sister and two close friends. Staying in a Fixer Upper house. My heart is still full about this three years later!

I am beyond blessed to have been able to go a second time and I am so grateful for God providing a way for this to happen. I've worked hard at some freelance work and such to be able to do this extra thing this year and He has allowed it to be possible!

We started each day slowly and then with quiet, reflective time through prayer and His Word, writing prompts and sharing of ourselves and our writing. To write something on the fly and then share it is humbling and stretching but also felt creative and inspirational. We all piled onto these chairs and cushions and shared beautifully and openly of both our stories, our callings and our hopes for writing. This gift of vulnerability and being heard, welcomed and received was a blessing. To know we have all committed to one year together and to see how we are similar and how yet how we are different.

Not every piece of life is photogenic or inspirational, but all these pieces make up our stories. Who we used to be, who we are, who we are becoming. Through this refreshment of perspective, I'm reminded to remember the difference between the temporal {earthly} perspective and the eternal {heavenly} perspective. I can get very bound up in my earthly view - but what I want is a view toward the finish line - the ultimate prize that I look forward to: being welcomed into Heaven to spend eternity with Jesus.

How does your perspective need refreshed today? Aside from a trip - how can you refresh this perspective by taking a walk, grabbing coffee with a friend or reading something from a different point of view?

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*carrie* said...

So glad you were able to go on this trip. Now you have even more precious memories of Waco/Magnolia. I didn't remember that Dad called you for your 40th trip--that is so sweet!