Friday, February 22, 2019

Slow Day

Breakfast Casserole
Scooping granola into jars {side note: Rachel saw this on my list the day before and I didn't get it done before the end of the day when I had a meeting, while I was gone to my meeting she mixed it together and was finishing it up when I got home! LOVE!}
Reading: The Warden and The Wolf King and the Daily Bible
Spring pops up in our backyard.
Baking sugar cookies for Valentine's Day: the girls have been itching to use piping bags - they did so well! That piping is theirs not mine!!!
A beautiful sky at sunset!
Everyone but Daddy stayed up late and played Life! We giggled and had such a fun time together it was worth every minute of staying up late. I think I got this game for my 13th birthday and I still remember my Mom staying up late that night to play it with me - sweet memory!

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1 comment:

*carrie* said...

Cute cookies!

Jealous of the pretty spring scenes--I didn't even tell you earlier that today was ANOTHER SNOW DAY!

I've been wanting my kids to play Life! There are so many new versions, but I like the old school one.