Friday, February 01, 2019

Little Things

I took this bar of chocolate from my swap partner on our weekend retreat and it was so tasty and delicious! It was saltier than most sea salt chocolates and I loved it!

Fun new mug from a sweet friend! {from Walgreens for curious minds}

I linked and pictured these scones on my Slow Day post but let me just tell you about them. I don't know that I'd ever made scones without butter but with the heavy cream - these are moist and so delicious. I keep reading about freezing scones before baking and I finally tried it! This recipe is a definite keeper!

The hunt for ankle boots has been going on for a few months for me, but I finally found these on Amazon and love them! They are so comfortable and cut off at just the right place on my ankles. I would say they run a tad roomy but not so much that I needed a different size. These are so comfy that I've worn them almost exclusively for a week! Love. This is an affiliate link.

Books and movies with the word silence in the title are automatically intriguing to me - I watched The Music of Silence over the weekend - have you seen it? This is also an affiliate link but I watched it on Netflix.

Tell me what little things you've discovered or are enjoying lately!

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