Monday, February 18, 2019

A Good Day

Typically I write my blog for the week over the weekend and this has just been hard lately as I have felt that I don't have much worth sharing. After feeling that way again this weekend I realized that I had had a very good day and even though it was just ordinary and simple, it was a good combination of restful and productive. It also dawned on me that these are the things everyday life are made up of - not magazine worthy dinners every day with DIY projects filling every moment. Just simple, homey real life.

So, I want to tell you about my good day on Saturday! First of all, I stayed home all day - it was just lovely and as I was chatting with the girls we admitted that going out can be fun and so can staying in. Staying home makes it feel like my time multiplies whereas going places really sucks down time. Not that I never want to go anywhere - it is just a fact!

The morning started off with several friends coming over who are going to help me plan an event coming up in August. It was the perfect combo of things I love - ideas, vision, brainstorming, God's Word and sharing a meal. The girls had a friend over as well during this time and so it was a lovely time of friendship for them too!

I sipped on Orange Ginger Mint tea and tried a new recipe subbing currants for the cranberries in these muffins: delish!

My next goal for the day was to get our taxes done and I did! Such a great feeling! It is not a very fun task, but I am very thankful to not have it hanging over me and to have that job completed.

David and I also worked on constructing some armor out of posterboard, duct tape and plastic wrap for a history presentation Samuel has coming up in a few weeks. His character is a surprise until the night of the event so I won't show a photo yet but I will say - it turned out pretty great!

The girls pulled out the watercolors and did a little creating and beauty making of their own! And then we made microwave heat bags for each of them as we've been sharing one for years and frequently more than one of us want to use it at the same time. I don't know why the obvious solution of making more didn't occur to me until recently but either way, we have now remedied the situation! Rachel fashioned hers into a pineapple! And Emily's is using leftover material from our dining room curtains - these were free to make using only supplies we had on hand - my favorite!

The girls and I are especially enjoying re-watching British Baking Show, currently season 4 from the library! We now want to bake Yorkshire pudding, try laminated dough and all sort of other fancy treats and goodies. It is always so fun and inspiring to watch!

Dinner was easy and the girls and I worked together which made it all the more fun. We made Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes and Oven Fries.

Ordinary, homey, simple and yet comforting and relaxing. Such a good day - tell me about some simple ordinary pleasure you've experienced lately!

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Mary Ann said...

Staying home is great! We always have a Sunday night church leadership meeting. Last night was canceled and it was terrific. We ate our traditional Sunday night snacky dinner and watched TV--something I rarely do. But I didn't feel guilty in the least. I held the baby while she napped and realized that I didn't need to jump up and accomplish anything. (There's plenty I could have done but instead chose not to.)It was so relaxing!

Wendi said...

I love how you found joy in the ordinary!

Tina said...

Monica these are the things that have always drawn me to your blog. I love how you post about everyday things and simple pleasures. I’ve always admired you so much, you are wise beyond your years. I think that is another reason why I want to meet your mom! I love the heat bags! I can not sew a lick and that is why mine is in an ugly sock! Lol! Have a great week. Tell the girls I will buy one each of their pretty bags if they will make and ship them.

Mom said...

Glad you had a good day! :) Yesterday was a snowy day outside, cozy inside. I built a fire in the fireplace, did some sewing and reading, and enjoyed a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Sometimes, if we make things too complicated, we end of not doing them.

Thank you for your constant reminder of SLOW and SIMPLE.

Laura said...

I was raised by my british grandparents and I often had leftover Yorkshire pudding in my lunch box for school. I make it in muffin tins and we love filling them with vege, mash spuds and gravy. Precious memories of days past 😊