Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Slowing: Schedule

I came across this post from Well Watered Women on Instagram and have just enjoyed it so much this past week:

"One reason we are so harried and hurried is that we make yesterday and tomorrow
our business, when all that legitimately concerns us is today.
If we really have too much to do, there are some items 
on the agenda which God did not put there.
Let us submit the list to Him and ask Him to indicate which items we must delete. 
There is always time to do the will of God. 
If we are too busy to do that, we are too busy."
~ Elisabeth Elliot ~

Last week, I said no to two commitments - one short term and one longer term. I also canceled something off our calendar for this week. Sometimes we need to say yes, but sometimes we also need to say no.

Saying no brought relief to my heart and that is something I've struggled with over the years. I like to say yes so that I don't disappoint anyone. But in both of these cases, I honestly think that saying no did not disappoint anyone - I think that those around me understand and there may even be a twinge of understanding and desire to say no to something too.

If slow and quiet are what I know my heart needs, I will have to say no to things to allow space for that. As a wise friend pointed out, there are some things only I can do - only I can be David's wife and be a mom to my children, only I can invest in my relationship with God. But in other areas - there can be things that someone else could do or God will provide for in an another way.

It is also important, I believe, to consider our own personalities, giftings and what lights us up inside. What are the things in life that I want to make sure to have time for? Writing, beauty making, homey things, rest and slow and memory making. If I fill my schedule with things that drain, when am I refilled? We probably all have at least something that drains us in life just because not everything in life is fun or beautiful, but not letting those draining things rule my time and contrasting them with the soul-filling kind of things will be key to not feeling like we are running on empty.

On my podcast with Crystal, I mentioned making a list of your commitments and seeing if there was even one small change you could make that would be a blessing. How could you make that one change a habit or commitment and then build on that to incorporate some margin into your life?

What would it take for you to feel some relief in your schedule? Is there any way you could make a step towards that extra margin and white space this week?


Sarah said...

What a lovely post.

I'm going to save that quote!

Mary Ann said...

I printed that quote to keep. So good!

Lois Lanser said...

Dear Monica,
Recently I was moved to comment (something I don't do!) on the only other blog that I read regularly. It seems to have been an encouragement to her, and now I know I must comment here since I've dragged my feet for so long... Years ago I read many blogs, but eventually felt convicted to stop reading and start focusing on my husband and children and living my own life. Years have passed, and I have completed my homeschooling journey... my children are grown, married, and beginning families of their own (that time went by SOOO FAST!). Out of curiosity, I went back to peek at some of those blogs I had followed in the past to see where people were in their lives. I was so delighted and encouraged to read yours again... to see that you had remained faithful in "running the race", loving your family, delighting in your home, seeking first the Kingdom of God... The things about which you write resonate deeply within my own heart, and I am so encouraged whenever I come visit your blog (which I do daily)! I encourage you to keep doing what you're doing... you are doing it well! I have enjoyed "watching" your children blossom from wee little folks to beautiful young people! I also so very much understand the need to recharge through Quiet, Slow, and Creativity! I think you are probably wise beyond your years! THANK YOU so much for sharing openly about the struggles you face and the beautiful ways God provides you the strength to walk through the struggles! Your writings encourage me to pursue a closer walk with Jesus! May God continue to richly bless you and your family! (I was so very sorry to read of your family's loss, but rejoice in knowing your father is in the presence of our Lord. Praying your family is finding continued strength and peace with each passing day.)

Sheri said...

Such a great quote! I have taken all "outside the house teaching" (teaching at co-op, teaching women's Bible studies, teaching other homeschoolers gym, Sunday school, etc.) off my schedule for the next 5 months, in order to focus on my own 5 little ones and to prepare for another move. It felt hard, but so good! Yes, may we do HIS will, even when it looks strange to those around us or when we aren't meeting peoples expectations. May Jesus be glorified by our priorities to honor Him in every season of life!