Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Fatigue

Last week was a good week - I felt joy and happiness a lot of the week in my spirit which I know can only be the presence of God and His answers to many who have mentioned they are praying for us. Friday morning though I woke dragging and weary. Not sleeping well, frustrations with internet and necessary tasks to be done, and lack of motivation to stay focused with school work all collided on one day.

As I started to get grouchy and frustrated, it was time to do our morning read aloud, Bible reading and singing of a hymn. I didn't have a great start to the read aloud not wanting to feel cheerful - but it did help to get into the story and just enjoy hearing my children giggle and listen attentively. I tried to be realistic with what to do next the rest of the day so as to not add to my frustration!

I mentally marked a few things off of my list and that helped too! And after dinner, we enjoyed playing a family game {Ticket to Ride Europe} and I tasted a London Fog for the first time inspired by this. It was tasty and fun to try something new - I try to avoid caffeine, so I used a decaf tea bag instead of what she suggests but it is similar.

After family time, I was ready to put on my comfy pj's and crawl into bed. I finished a library book, enjoyed some Bella Grace Cozy and felt refreshed just from the rest and peacefulness.

I'm so grateful that God paved the way for our weekly schedules and rhythm. To have a Sabbath - truly a slow day is such a gift and made such a difference in my week. And then to have a rest from school on the weekends is also a gift - we still work of course but it is more around the house and errand work rather than book work.

All this to say, I'm grateful for the pause of the weekends and a friend asked on Instagram if her followers like planned or unplanned weekends. I do like having something fun planned here and there for sure - but overall, the less we have on the weekends, the more successful our week is because we got some true down time.

How about you?


Chelle said...

This past weekend we got 8in of snow. It was so nice to stay in pjs and stay home by our woodstove. My husband pastors a small church and we cancelled due to the snow. A much needed time doing nothing at home was so nice. My in laws live next door and on Fridays they school my kids for me at their house it was their idea this year and it has been nice. Friday has become a slow day for us. I have been praying for you through this time in your life.

Leanne said...

we are in such a busy season of our own choosing... I relish downtime...I had foot surgery at the end of December, so I haven't been able to drive-- I had know idea how much energy and time I was expending just driving--running errands, shopping, multiple trips to and stop was a gift...Now, I'm anticipating getting to drive again,soon, but I'm hoping I remember it really is okay, just to stay home!!