Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Favorite posts of 2018

Slow Day: Snow Day! A rare treat on the coast!

Underscheduling: taking time to be still every day in the month of February and 
documenting with a photo. I want to do this again! 

Making a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread: I want to get my starter going again! Yum!

Bonus: taking a photo of everyday beauty each day in April.

Cultivating Hearts for a Bountiful Harvest: getting to help with our church's missions conference was a treat and delight!

Summer Slow in pictures and also Beauty Hunt: Barns and Sunset

Camping Beauty

Apple Orchard Picnic and Refinishing Our Dining Room Table and Chairs

Apple Canning Day and Concert Tickets for Emily's Birthday

Making the Most and Fall Camping Beauty


Beauty Walk, A Welcoming Haven and Slow Day

A little later than usual, but still glad to go back through and remember some
 highlights from the past year!

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Christine A. said...

You have created some beautiful memories...thank you for sharing!