Thursday, January 03, 2019

December/January Goals

One new thing I tried last year was to set monthly goals each month rather than big annual goals all at once. It was so amazing to do that and so much more intentional and realistic in a timely way than being big and broad with my goals. So, it is that time again to look at what I planned for last month and what I hope to do this month.

My December goals were to take a trip to Colorado to visit my parents and then to spend as slow and down time as possible over the holidays. Well, plans change and we did get this time with both of my parents and then when my Dad went to be with the Lord, we got time with lots of other family as well which was a blessing. There were some slow moments but overall it was pretty busy out of necessity with all the things to do and take care of.

We are home now and I'm hoping that January will be an opportunity for us to ease back into our routines and still find plenty of time for slowing down at home.

My January goals are:

- have Christmas at home as a family on New Year's Eve
- ease back into school at about half schedule for a week and then full schedule after that
- host a local CC event with several CC communities
- attend a one day retreat with Ruth Chou Simons of Gracelaced
- take each of my kids on a date once this month - this is an ongoing struggle for me and it has been on my list before without successful completion - but I'm trying again!
- start reading through the Chronological Bible in a Year with my kids in our morning Bible time: our friends started a great group called the Bible Tribe!
- Memorize Colossians 1:1-10 {as part of our CC leadership team, I'd like to memorize the entire book of Colossians this year and this would keep me on track for this month}
- make time for the quiet work {more on this tomorrow}
- exercise 3x a week and log My Fitness Pal meals at least 6 days a week
- reinstate afternoon Quiet Time for my sanity and as a blessing to my children

What are your January goals?


Unknown said...

1. Spending more time in God's Word-- I already do scripture writing every day, but I'm adding the She Reads Truth Psalms for Prayer Book to complete when it comes in the mail...each time I get ready to complete one this year, I plan on ordering another one..
2. Maintain my weight (I had a foot surgery in December...I'm fine with my current weight...usually, but I'm working on eating healthier and drinking more water while I'm in a current season of having to wear an aircast for 6 weeks and not being able to go to the gym a few times a week like I usually do..
3. One date with my husband each month and one date with each of my boys each month...I decided "date" encompasses a variety of things that we do alone together that I get time to actually talk individually with dates can be intentional time at home or away..
4. Dramatically cut "fluff" spending... this will help because I can't go to the stores without help because I can't drive for 6 weeks!!

Erica said...

I am revamping my routines and practicing a slower way of life. It is so strange (providential) that I stumbled upon Crystal Payne's podcast. I've practiced slowing down for 4 years now. We even took an entire year of Sabbath and patterned it after the Year of Jubilee. In fact, I am starting my book on that topic this year and I was praying for outside books to read as research and low and behold, your book arrived as something to read in my Inbox! I am so excited to dive in as a goal for March. I can't wait to read your book. It is so timely! God is good! Anyway, my January goals are to hone in on my routines.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Erica: That's great! Look forward to another book about slow out there! ;)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I am sorry for the passing of your dad. Blessings on your goals.

Mrs. Paul said...

So sorry Monica upon hearing of your father's passing. I have read your blog for years yet I have not commented often. You are an amazing woman, wife and mother. Your blog always inspires me. I know you will be a continued great blessing to your precious mother in her new season of life. I can so relate to your need for quiet and I enjoyed the photo and your writing this evening before heading to bed.
Prayers, love and blessings from Arizona,