Monday, December 10, 2018

A Welcoming Haven

{written last week}

Today, we drove 8 1/2 hours on our way to Colorado - we saw the sun about ten minutes total all day, it was varying shades of gray, varying amounts of rain and drizzle. I thought about how going on a trip is such an act of faith and even though, as Mary did, I have more than a donkey {lots more horsepower!}, I still rely on God to see us through varied weather, unknown delays, trusting we will be able to find gas stations, etc.

Some friends opened their home to us even though they weren't in town this time, and their home was such a welcoming haven for us. This is the welcome Mary must have longed for after her long and difficult journey.

We turned on cozy lighting, got in our pj's, heated up homemade chicken noodle soup I'd made ahead of time and just enjoyed this haven. There was something so incredibly comforting about the sight of the bubbling soup on the stove while rain fell outside. The smell greeted children who washed hands and were drawn downstairs by the news that the meal was ready.

Such a simple thing - soup: but what it symbolized to me tonight was comfort, warmth, home, nourishment. Feeding on His Word was also a nourishment to my soul after a busy week and a long day.

Lord, I want my heart to be as warm and welcoming to You as this place to stay has been for us tonight. A place where You are invited, honored, welcomed - a place that is cozy, warm, inviting and a haven.

Later in the evening, I read the lyrics to God Rest You Merry Gentlemen and that phrase even reminds me of the rest of God and then the chorus is like a warm, cozy hug: O tidings of comfort and joy!

Like soup and home were for me, what is it for you that is inviting, welcoming and comforting you this season?


Mom said...

How nice that your friend shared her home with you on your journey out to Colorado! And these reflections on a welcoming, comforting haven are so timely. I'm glad you're here!

MillersBend said...

Loved seeing your home and family through your pictures. I had a wonderful time on your blog. Thank you for sharing.