Monday, October 01, 2018

September/October Goals

September goals:
- host a canning workshop for making applesauce, apple butter and apple pie filling! check!
- finish writing at least one chapter in my next book: I did complete this! Hoping to finish in the next several months
- as much as possible, use what we already have on hand rather than buying anything!: check!
- continue our Autumn in Avonlea tradition! {2017 here, all others linked in previous post}: yes, here is my post about it
- maintain garden/continue planting a little each week: something has been eating our broccoli and Scout likes to lay on the peas, I've been sort of half-hearted because of these setbacks.
- bring out my Fall decor!: check!
- maintain health journal, vitamins and meals logged; maintain home routine: so-so on this one, with the unsettled week of a potential hurricane we've been a little off.
- host a CC workshop/seminar regarding grace-full assessment; I'm not speaking at it, but so excited to learn!: check - such a blessing!

October goals:
- solo trip to Colorado
- family camping trip
- host CC Challenge students
- host CC Praise and Provision night
- write one chapter of my next book
- family Christmas photo taken

How did you do on your September goals? What do you have coming up for October?

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