Monday, September 17, 2018

Bonus Home + Slow Time

Well, what a week it was! All the hurricane news was a little dizzy-ing to say the least. A mandatory evacuation was called for our home and then recalled and then the storm turned further south and I made an evacuation list. In the end, we stayed home. We got some breeze and a little rain, I am thankful but still it is hard knowing it did hit communities and did affect families elsewhere.

With all of this, every single activity we are in was cancelled. CC, Football, ballet, all of it. I wasn't sad about that part and so enjoyed the lighter load at home and the room in our schedule to enjoy lots of extra slow.

I cut the last of the blue hydrangeas in my yard, all the others are crispy or fallish looking - these three just needed to come inside and cheer us up!

Speaking of the yard, we have been planting a few seeds in the garden. I found current {not outdated} seed packets at the thrift store for a dime recently and wondered if doing a Fall garden might be the answer to my summer gardening struggles: heat + bugs. So far, things are coming right up and we are enjoying it! Here you can see green beans, broccoli and a little bit of lettuce popping up.

Still speaking of the yard, we had school outside on Friday which was glorious! It has been much too hot to consider this but with the storm on the coast, it sent some lovely breezes our way for the morning and it was lovely. I'm grateful my kids took the initiative to step outside and suggest it!

It feels like ages ago that I made this puppet theater, which has spurts of popularity. This week was one of them and it came out several times with great fun performed for my enjoyment! They also pulled out the Usborne puppet theater book and propped it up on a ladder just behind this cloth theater - we had a lovely performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Let's see - I began the tedious process of putting together my next blog book - I'm up to the year 2015. I usually do this in the summer but this year I refinished the table and chairs which took up all my extra time. We'll see how long it takes me to finish but at least I started!

Also, I'm working on my next book! And close to being able to order copies of Slow Lane again - stay tuned.

Along the lines of writing, I am in an amazing writing group for one year via Writing With Grace - if you have a dream to write, check out Ann's memoir class which is open for registration now!

We had our first monthly group call this last week and it was everything I hoped for and more. So encouraging and affirming!

My computer did not recognize my ear buds - is there some easy step I'm missing here?

We've also had a large number of Lego creations around here. What have you been up to lately?


Mom said...

Are you sure your ear buds were plugged in all the way? That has happened to me - I thought they were ready to go, but needed to have an extra push into the port.

Awesome photos, as usual! Thankful you didn't have to evacuate. Fun to see the kiddos with their puppet theater again! :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Happy to know you all were safe. Glad you had a slower pace. I am also pursuing my love of writing. Thanks for sharing the link.