Thursday, September 06, 2018

August/September Goals

Another month has flown by and it's time to check in on goals!

August goals:
check: start our homeschool year: I realized this summer that 2018 marks the halfway point for our homeschooling journey! I'm not sure whether to rejoice or be frightened in that fact - ha! But either way, I'm grateful for God's faithfulness and especially relying on Him as we enter these middle and high school years.
check: go apple picking
check: finish reading one last book for Emily's readers this year; I'm happy to be back to reading books I want to read!!
check: paint our piano bench: this was a quick and easy project!
50/50 that ended in a fail: care for potted plants on porch and plant them in the yard if they start to look droopy; I did care for these plants faithfully however the heat was no match. And honestly there seemed to be almost no inbetween and they were gone just like that. Sad. They look pitiful now and I need to deal with that!
check: basically just maintain the order we have right now and get back into the school year routine; so grateful for this one!!!!
check: log my meals and vitamins in my health journal - I've gotten off track; I've eaten salad for lunch most days this month, logged my meals, been more faithful about vitamins and walked three miles a week!

September goals:
- host a canning workshop for making applesauce, apple butter and apple pie filling!
- finish writing at least one chapter in my next book
- as much as possible, use what we already have on hand rather than buying anything!
- continue our Autumn in Avonlea tradition! {2017 here, all others linked in previous post}
- maintain garden/continue planting a little each week
- bring out my Fall decor!
- maintain health journal, vitamins and meals logged; maintain home routine

- host a CC workshop/seminar regarding grace-full assessment; I'm not speaking at it, but so excited to learn!

Photos: drop apple fritters for the first day of September! Recipe from Fall 2017 Magnolia Magazine.


Jackie said...

You are ready to get back to "reading".....Don't forget...Bella Grace just came out with it's latest edition September 1. I have not purchased mine yet. But, oh so anticipating savoring each and every page...Enjoy yours.

Laura Smith said...

Love the Autumn in Avonlea picnic and your sweet mom touches like the banners for the pancakes.