Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Beauty Moment

Sunday evening, I downloaded the pictures on my camera and came across this gem. It may not seem that exciting in some ways but I see the beauty in it because it is not a picture I took and I wasn't even home when this situation happened.

It may be too long of a story but Rachel likes lemon flavored things and Emily and I found a lemon chip jarred cookie mix that we gave Rachel for her birthday in July. This past week, I pulled the mix out and suggested that Rachel make it that afternoon.

She exclaimed over the jar and how cute it was and made the cookies all on her own with no assistance. Then to find this photo on my camera and see that she had fixed herself a little cookie and milk treat and made a beauty moment for herself.

I can't tell you how much I love that!

A year or so ago, I read something a friend wrote and she mentioned how if we want to know what we sound like just to listen to how our kids talk to each other and I got very discouraged because of what I frequently hear from my children. It was discouraging to me and I was disheartened in myself that there are things I've failed in especially in regards to my tongue.

But seeing this is an encouragement and lightens my heart. One of the things my girls especially have caught is the joy and delight in creating a beauty moment. They have blessed me with beauty moments after hard days or on a day I wasn't feeling good.

I love the thought of them being grown and in their own homes setting out a dish with a cookie in it and a cute glass of milk just to enjoy for themselves and those they love. 


Simple Life said...

Love this! I agree, I notice the same thing in my children, as they talk to each other. I am convicted about it and trying my best to speak kinder and softer. I am also trying to encourage and build up.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

This is so sweet... and convicting. Our words. Especially when we listen to "ourselves" talk back to us, through our kiddos.

Wow!! Recently, we did a rice experiment - (You can see this, the results, can be found on my IG or FB account) - and it was really eye-opening. Probably more to me than anyone else.

I love how she also followed her mama's action in creating something beautiful - yet so simple. That is how your roll, Monica. I love it!!!

heather said...

THIS!!! YOU are making a HUGE impact with your children!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this.