Thursday, July 12, 2018

Slow Week

After being gone for almost six weeks and then having VBS the week we got home, I declared the next two weeks: SLOW weeks at home! This space will be quiet until Monday when I'll start posting some visual inspiration for slowing your days as I share our slow summer days.

If you are thinking about joining me - here is an idea you can do to prepare:

One of the best ways I've found to be intentional is to make a list. Yes, we all know about to-do lists and such, but here's what I mean specifically. When I knew I was planning a slow week, I thought about the main things I wanted to do/enjoy/accomplish during that time and this was my list:

- buy flowers
- go to the beach
- watch a sunset
- make progress on the dining room chair stripping process

Then with five days ahead of me, it was fairly easy to incorporate these into our days as we went. I often do this on a small scale even on slow days - I might write down have a tea party, play a game, read aloud or something like that and then work those into our day as I can. Sometimes the ideals don't happen and they get shelved for a future week but if I don't have a goal they definitely won't happen.

So as you are thinking about a slow day or even a slow week, what things come to mind that you would love to enjoy, do or not do? How can you be intentional and also slow and restful?

We have practiced this when getting together with family at Christmas or in the summer, we make a list of things we want to do during our time and then look for ways to incorporate those priorities into our days.

I loved the quote on my letter board above that I found on Pinterest. Also if you love lists, journaling and feeling introspective and purposeful - check out Bella Grace magazine - I've added this to my Sunday afternoon routines and love it so much. This not an ad or an affiliate link, I just happen to love it. It's not a Christian publication but definitely focuses on finding the beauty in the ordinary and really learning to know ourselves.

Looking forward to sharing an entire week of slow days with you next week!

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Jackie said...

Monica, I so look forward to the future posts about intentional SLOW. I am nearing 70 and 10 gardens, and 3 trailer loads of bagged mulch have definitely made me yearn for even more scheduled SLOW.

I love your letter board words. It was the first thing I noticed in the picture and I smiled. You and I both love our lists and we both need to adhere to doing this next week. :+)

As you know, I too have a love affair with Bella Magazine. It is the one thing I splurge on just for me.

OK. Monica, here is your homework for today......Think of three 5 minute joys you love to do...Done? OK. Go do 1 now. Take care friend.