Monday, July 23, 2018


What a great week we had camping last week! I have a bunch of photos and hope they will bring a calm stillness to your day as you scroll through.

This was Scout's first camping trip and to say he loved it is putting it mildly!

Rachel made car Bingo for us to play together and it reminded me of my Mom and I doing this on long road trips - we would each make a Bingo card and then trade with the other. Fun memory.

Before we even arrived, I had wandered across the road from a gas station and snipped some Queen Anne's Lace. I just love it! Even the pod-like blooms that haven't opened yet are so beautiful. One of the blooms had a tinge of pink - there should be a close-up of it later.

Moments after cutting the wild side-of-the-road blooms, we got some rain! We had seen so much rain in the forecast that we debated on whether to even go or not - but we are so glad we went, we only had a few sprinkles the first night after arriving and the last morning as we were packing up!

But meanwhile, we left our tent stakes and rain fly at home - so ended up needing to buy a new tent. It's all part of the adventure right?

We've sort of nicknamed the creek we camp by: Cozy Creek, so bringing this Camp Cozy pennant that I made around Thanksgiving seemed like a perfect fit. Special thanks to my friend Elise for helping me find the tablecloth I had envisioned! {TJ Maxx for inquiring minds}

Here's that bloom with a hint of pink in it! While David was off buying a new tent, I was "fluffing" around camp and indulged in reading a book and admiring the mist on the creek!

One of the things I like to do when we are preparing to go camping is think of a couple of extra special things that would be so fun to enjoy away from home. I baked an apple pie and tried to bring some ice cream which turned out to be more of a vanilla sauce! But enjoying a pie out in nature where there really isn't a simple way to prepare a pie felt extra special and lovely.

Fun little homey touches like a plaid thermos and metal candle holder just add charm and inspiration at our home away from home for the week. 

Reading was a highlight of my week - reading by the creek, reading in the tent with my booklight. It was lovely!


*carrie* said...

So glad you had fun! *Sweet* idea to bring an apple pie . . .

Mom said...

How fun and so beautiful! Glad Scout did great, cute Car Bingo game made by Rachel, and thankful that rain wasn't a big issue! I am sorry you ended up having to buy a new tent, but sounds like you made the best of things. Camp Cozy indeed!

Elise said...

I want to start taking our kids camping and make some fun memories! You make it look so fun and cozy! I LOVE that Camp Cozy pennant, too! I'm so happy I could be your personal shopper! :)