Friday, June 15, 2018

Slowing Summer: Day Five

Pray the words we've looked at so far this week:

"Come, Holy Comforter, give grace to weary hearts
Bring back the wanderer, drive away the dark
You're the summer of our souls..."

Today, let's finish up!

"You're the fountain of our hope..."

How would you describe a fountain?

What does the idea of a fountain of hope draw up in your mind?

Read Psalm 78:15-16 and Psalm 36:5-9. Look for references to water/fountains. What stands out to you?

Water, like abundance, can be both life-giving and life-threatening. Process your thoughts about that here.

The final words of verse three that we've looked at this week are, "...our assurance here below, Spirit of the Son." In what ways are you thankful for this assurance He has given us here on earth?

Read Psalm 145:3-7 - celebrate His abundant goodness even now by listing things you have to be thankful for. What do you appreciate about Him? How has He provided for you? How have you received abundance?

What are your take-aways from this week? What is sticking with you? Pray for your summer ahead and for times of slow, abundance and remembering who He is!


Enjoy the gift of water in some way today - fill a bucket and invite family fun, try water balloons, drink a glass of water and infuse with a favorite flavor, sit by a fountain, stream, creek, river, ocean or pool, or simply pour water from one jar to another to hear the soothing trickle.

Printable for today here.

** Song referenced in this study is Great One in Three by Sovereign Grace Music.

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