Thursday, June 07, 2018

May/June Goals

It's a new month already and I'm thinking about monthly goals again! Let's look at a recap of May and see how I did:

- help with our local CC parent practicum: check! This is a large part of my role with CC locally and a big accomplishment when I can check it off for the year! I have an awesome support team that helped make it all happen!
- memorize Psalm 92:12-15: started but did not finish
- finish school: HOORAY! Yes - thank You Jesus!
- visit my sister {first long road trip with Scout! Tips for traveling with a dog?!}: Yes! Scout turned out to be a great traveler and we made some great new memories with my sister and her family, can't wait to go back.
- visit my parents: yes! We're here now!
- pray about my next book, write out a plan for finishing it: praying and thinking about it - no written plans yet; still working on trying to get Slow Lane back in print. Would appreciate your prayers about this as I explore options.
- be more careful about buying things for our home - control clutter!: yes, I'm definitely making more of an effort in this area - I turned down a thrifted thermos, didn't buy anything at an awesome vintage store I went to with my sister and no antiques when I went shopping with my Mom. I did get a few things at Ikea but they were things that were already on my "to purchase" radar.

June goals:

- rest a lot while kids are at camp: in progress right now!
- finish up road trip including visiting some friends on the way home and an awesome Revolutionary War patriot day camp for my kids
- help with VBS
- re-enter normal life at home: laundry, cleaning, unpacking, groceries
- continue to pursue options for publishing Slow Lane
- take a day retreat to work on my next book and listen to what is on my heart for the year ahead

Basically I think that will take me through all of June!

What are your goals for this month?


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Great goals. I will pray for your book. It is such a wonderful book. It needs to be back in print.

My goals is to not get stuck in lazy mode and balance slow but productive living.

Have some special moments with the kids.

Deep clean a few rooms in our home.

Lisa M. said...

I plan to start a summer reading plan through Psalms 1-50. I just went back to work full-time after 15 years. I need to get into a routine, so I can keep up at home.

Jenny said...

I hope you DO find a way to re-publish your book! We were packing and moving when it first came out and when we were settled and I went to order it, Amazon was out. :( I was SO sad!!!