Monday, May 07, 2018

Sunday Afternoon Beach Picnic

After church, we grabbed Scout, some free-to-us box lunches and a free beach pass given to us as well and headed to the beach! We had spent all day Saturday getting caught up on house projects and all sorts of odd jobs needing to be done and decided we'd reward everyone with a little fun outing to celebrate their completion!

I had spent a fair amount of time at church that week helping with the Missions Conference and was thrilled to be able to bring home a few extra box lunches that were left after one of the meals served. This reminded me of another time we got free lunches and I turned them into a cute picnic too! I didn't really cute-ify these but it was so nice to have a simple tasty lunch to pack and go.

It was a little chilly to be in the water but that didn't stop some of our party from dipping their toes or whole selves in! Scout is not a fan of water but he loved the rest of it - especially people, people are his favorite!

I enjoyed re-reading a favorite book: The Hiding Place. I am always moved, inspired, convicted and humbled by this story. It is worth reading again and again.

Lovely afternoon of free food and fun!


Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had by all! I remembered that you and I share a birthday so Happy Birthday!
Your skin is beautiful! What products you use? God bless!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Lisa! Happy Birthday to you!!!! You are so sweet - I thought I'd never see the day where I had good skin - I had years of struggles with my skin. Right now I'm actually not using anything - I use Purpose moisturizer each morning and Clinique foundation with a little blush and that's it. The most recent thing I used for cleansing/clearing up my breakouts was Paula's Choice - it is very affordable and I have had great success with it. I've gotten a set for Emily too as she is starting to hit that season of teenage years where her skin needs a little clearing as well.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the info! I will look into it! I turned 50 this year and my skin is worse now than when I was a teenager as far as breakouts go...I am allergic to benzoil peroxide, which is in acne medicine, so I end up washing my face three times a day to help clear up breakouts. Am glad to have something new to try. Thanks again and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! God bless!