Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day

David suggested a Mother's Day family photo on my *new camera* after Church! Yippee! So excited, I've loved my camera, and it has lasted for several years! David gave me my current camera for Christmas 2011 and it has been toted everywhere and heavily used! It has shown some signs of aging so we were thrilled to see a newer model on sale last week as we've been keeping an eye on it!

This is now my third Panasonic camera and I am brand loyal on this! {this is an affiliate link}

Emily took this one:

I also enjoyed some beautiful flowers, cards, chocolate and lots of love! After church, I cleaned out and organized the school cabinet and pulled out a lavender foot soak and enjoyed that on the porch with my new copy of Bella Grace magazine. Lovely!

Next, a walk around the yard to see the blueberries, grapes and hydrangeas!

Meanwhile, Scout hung out on the porch with me and was full of energy - ha!


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful family photo! Happy Mother's Day, Monica!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Lovely day. Happy Mother's Day.

Mom said...

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day! :) May your new camera serve you as well as your previous one did!

Jackie said...

Beautiful picture! I don't know if you remember but, I believe I said I was sure yo would love Bella Grace some time back. Don't you simply love it? What is your favorite read in this issue so far? I love the sections with questions for you to contemplate. I NEVER get rid of Bella Grace and only use one color ink per year. That way I can go back the following years and write my answers for that year. I am on my 2nd year.

Your bushes are so beautiful! Congrats on the new camera. It is the perfect gift for you.