Monday, April 23, 2018

Aerial View

Good morning! Well, I didn't mean to disappear for a week - but that is how life goes sometimes, right?! Sort of spontaneously (meaning not planned for months), we went to Colorado for a week - #operationlivingcarepackage!

Our children have flown before but don't remember it - so this was a huge trip for them!

 One of them loved everything, one was so-so and one was not a fan until we got home. But, they all loved how fast we got to our destination! I hope we are not ruined on road trips forever now!!

It was actually fun to hear their excitement and enthusiasm and wonder over every little thing and see the flying experience through their eyes as flying doesn't hold a lot of glamour for me anymore, though I agree with them that the speed for arrival is awesome!

The window seat is my favorite and I was happy to give it up for them to experience the newness of seeing life from the air - such a neat thing and so hard to wrap our minds around. They grabbed my camera several times to capture views including the city lights at night shown below.

It's fun to travel at various times of year and see the differences in season across the US. For example, our Spring has been going for weeks and is just beginning to bloom in Colorado so it was fun to experience a second Spring.

We enjoyed sunny warm days and even a little snow - so much fun.

Looking forward to sharing more this week!


Mary Ann said...

I missed your blog last week but figured you might be away! Glad you all could get a quick trip in to see your parents. Flying is nice for the sheer quickness of it but certainly not thrilling for me anymore. I'm a people-watcher and listener so that makes it interesting! LOL

Mom said...

Thank you for coming!! :)

Ginger said...

Would Rachel be the one who loved everything? In the first airport picture, her eyes indicate it might be she!

Jackie said...

Welcome back Monica. What a wonderful time for you making memories of the children's experiences. You always are focusing on capturing the now and that is priceless.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Ginger: YES!!!

Ginger said...

Ha! From your posts, I sense her adventurous, independent spirit! You capture that so well!