Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Simple Things

Making bread dough for pizza bread one morning - the natural light was just lovely! Bread dough in a bowl = so homey!

A Sunday afternoon walk and spotting all these blooms!

It has been fun to watch Scout enjoying his first Spring! Laying in the sun, romping around outside - playing long and hard during the day and tiring himself out!

The melty bead craze comes and goes in our house and has been going strong lately - Rachel made these over a couple of days. The octopus is my favorite!

We've enjoyed our screened in porch and being outside so much! Building tents, nature kitchens, schoolwork outside, sun naps, chasing sticks - and eating meals on the porch!

I've wanted an enamel table for a long time and found one at a garage sale! It is in great shape and was a great deal! Yay!


pippasmum said...

I have always dreamed of a screened-in porch and yours seems to fulfill exactly the purpose that I dream of! We are starting to warm up a bit here but we are still hovering around 0 degrees celsius. I am envious of the green and the blossoms! Enjoy every second!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Lovely. Your dog is so adorable.

Heather said...

LOVE your enamel table!! I LOVE all things enamel and have my eye out for a table, too. SPRING!!! I sooooo wish we were that warm..... but it will come.... we had a fresh bit of snow this morning. BUT.... my husband and I always joke that being in northern Indiana we don't have poisonous snakes or spiders (although you here of the RARE occasion). I do wonder if watching out for poisonous snakes makes up for the long season of warm!!! Always enjoy your posts.... and I should comment more often. YOUR posts are a treasure!