Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February Slow and Still Life Part 3

Waiting at ballet as the sun was going down, I pulled my eyes away from the beautiful sunset for a moment to look out the front windshield and this tree branch looked pretty against the fading blue sky.

This little dog sure is happy and has fit right in as part of our family!

Saturday morning sunlight streaming in - little details look glorious!

I've wanted to read this book for a while and then I read some of the reviews and I wasn't sure I wanted to read it. In the end, I finally checked it out from the library and read it pretty quickly one weekend. I didn't expect to like it, but I found it an easy read and I'm happy that others are writing about slow and including God! There was a noticeable lack of this combo several years ago when I was really digging into this word for my life. Slow has probably become one of my life themes. And, beauty is right up there too.

I treated myself to watching Breathe on Amazon Prime one slow Saturday afternoon - that feels extremely decadent to sit and watch a movie on a Saturday afternoon for no reason and I loved it. This movie was powerful, raw, so so beautiful and yet also hard. I found it quite inspiring!

While I was movie watching, the girls were playing outside and the boys were at the table recreating a battle scene from days gone by!

Tell me about some of your still and slow February moments!

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Mom said...

Great photos - as always! :) I let myself sit down and read for awhile yesterday afternoon - something I don't often do except on Sundays. I thought of you!