Thursday, February 22, 2018

February Slow and Still Life Part 2

One evening when I was the only one home, I resumed my re-watching of Downton Abbey {I'm just starting Season 3 now} and for the first time ever, I made myself an entire pot of tea and drank the whole thing. It was delightful.

Lighting is just a big thing to me - I love the sun light that streams in during these winter months in our living room, love natural lighting and then when the sun goes down - I love the coziness of lamp light. Smaller lights are peaceful, calming, cozy, sweet.

Sometimes walking through home, a scene will just really stand out as lovely or wonderful. This was one of those moments.

Emily took this photo of our neighbors tree - it is always one of our first signs of Spring!

These shoes just scream Rachel - they are so *her* and I was thrilled to find a pair recently on a good sale. Ever since, I've been eager to get a picture of her toes and then liked the pair of our toes together too!

Another evening of sky watching during ballet. This time I went a few extra blocks to a beach front area and the sky was a painting that just kept getting prettier by the minute.

Even after I got back to the ballet studio, I decided who cares if there are cars in the way! The sky was just too beautiful to ignore!

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Mom said...

Lovely tea, gorgeous sunset, and darling shoes for Rachel! :)