Thursday, February 01, 2018

February Goals

A new month and new ideas for our home and family:

- maintain logging meals, vitamins and walking
- continue Friday night dates
- get a sourdough starter going
- if starter arrives and is active, try making bread
- Valentine family dinner and Anniversary dinner date
- when out for appointments this month, try to include opportunities for adventure and memory-making
- host a craft morning/brunch for mama friends
- schedule in free time with no agenda at least once a week
- try a new Crock Pot recipe
- buy flowers for our table at least once
- pursue cozy things, spend time at home, stick to routines for cultivating order

* note: I scratched the craft morning because I was feeling overwhelmed as this month ended and we had a BIG project in having a yard sale and helping my mother-in-law clean out her garage. Sometimes marking something out is the RIGHT thing to do! 


Mary Ann said...

Yes to marking out goals! I will be away visiting my parents for almost half the month of February so my goals for the month are minimal!

Regina said...

Yum for sourdough! Just made a new starter 2 weeks ago and already baked to rounds! 😊 our favorite
Love the idea of writing goals for every month. Helps with consistency

Babychaser said...

Getting a sour dough starter going is on my to do list too! And has been for a couple months (years?) This morning I got so far as to put a cup of flour in a bowl. Now if I can just add the water and cover it in a warm place! :)We'll see if I get it started this month or not! :)


Elise said...

You are SO smart to say no to something, even if it's a fun thing, to make room for other things more pressing! I think we sometimes will run ourselves ragged instead of just easing up on ourselves.