Monday, December 31, 2018


A blessing that came from staying in Colorado was that we overlapped with the cousins! We weren't expecting to get this time with them so it was an added bonus and boy did these kids have fun!

These kids really were champs through everything and I love how well they get along and play together!

We transformed a bedroom at my parents house into the Cousins Cozy Campout and it was a success with six sleeping bags, Christmas lights and lots of fun! Some of us got to go see our friends puppies and we went to a trampoline place for my nephew Nathan's birthday. Here are some fun cousin photos of our time together:

Many sweet new memories made together - the energy and cheerfulness of children brings joy in the midst of sorrow!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Beauty Walk for Stress Relief





After making lots of hard phone calls, meeting with the funeral home, meeting with the pastor, so many hard details - I was just about worn out mentally, physically and emotionally. Sunday afternoon, I took my kids and we went for an hour hike. All this beauty just filled me up! The fresh air was literally a breath of fresh air, I highly recommend a walk/hike for relieving stress! And if you can time it for sunset - all the better. Such a delight and refreshment to my weary soul.

What helps you find refreshment after hard tasks?