Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December Grace

Little bits of this and that in a holiday atmosphere add up to an armful of grace and gratitude this time of year! I'm grateful for the slower pace December brings our family - since we frequently travel, we find ourselves doing less school, having less commitments and more time to rest, enjoy and savor. I do think this is a little harder to accomplish when staying home!

The grace of pumpkin swirl bread on clearance for fifty cents made into French Toast.
The grace of Bella Grace magazine and all the encouragement within to stop, slow, reflect.

The grace of wearing layers and thrifted flannel.
The grace of crunchy dried leaves and their beauty.
The grace of varied nature goodies and the visual refreshment they provide.

The grace of winter-bare trees that allow us to see the sunrise painted across the sky.

The grace of sunshine on the breakfast table.
The grace of a banana bread gift from a neighbor.
The grace of Grammie-made muffins to welcome the day.

The grace of a boy who is not too old to sit on laps and snuggle.
The grace of singing and laughing along with a holiday viewing favorite: Disney Christmas.

The grace of morning snuggles with Daddy!

The grace that there is finally white on the mountain tops!
The grace for this view from every angle in town.

The grace of playing General Store and children who love to be imaginative!
The grace of Pepaw feeling up to going with us to carry on the tradition!

The grace of memories that a room holds - remembering attending an Agatha Christie play here years ago.
The grace of well preserved history for us to enjoy.
The grace of life-size carolers that nearly match one we have at home - a local favorite.

The grace of these faces.

The grace of beauty makers who have gone before us to use their gifts for generations to come.

What graces are you enjoying this month?


Billie Jo said...

I am enjoying the grace of cozy time with family this week.
We are here in our home, relaxing and playing games and watching movies while the world begins its hustle and bustle again.
Blessings for a happy and blessed New Year.

Mom said...

The grace of daughters and their families who are willing to travel many miles to visit!!