Friday, December 29, 2017

Antique Store Scavenger Hunt

My Mom and I agreed we just needed a little fun one afternoon so we packed up all the youngers and ourselves and headed to our favorite antique mall. In an effort to occupy little hands while we looked, I came up with a scavenger hunt, handed over my phone and set only a couple of rules: a child must be in every photo, it cannot be the same child or photographer, it is a team game.

The list included:
*unique kitchen gadget
*vintage Santa
*military item
*fashion item
*vintage toy
*something that says Colorado on it
*vintage barn item
*something Coke related
*a yellow Nancy Drew book
*hunting related item
*animal item
*something that starts with E, R, S {three items}
*vintage apron
*vintage camping item

Even some of these photos are blurry - it is obvious they had fun and yes, they found everything on the list! Could also be a fun idea to adapt to the thrift store!


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Super fun idea!

Mabel Jane's said...

A scavenger hunt...How fun! Looks like smiles all around... What a special "momma" you are.

Anonymous said...

Oh how clever!! Leave it you, Monica, to think of something so creative to keep younger ones busy in an antique store!!! I love it. Love you, Grandma/Nana

*carrie* said...

Such a creative idea, Monica. Glad it was a fun outing for all!

Mom said...

Great idea! Fun to be part of it and witness the fun. :)