Saturday, November 25, 2017


Last night I sat down on the couch to start writing down my Advent thoughts thinking it was still a week away. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Advent starts TOMORROW!

So, now that I've adjusted my brain - here are a few fun links in case you are looking for inspiration:

Slow and Sacred Advent: I kept seeing this on Instagram last year and decided we would use it this year. The Instagram hashtag is full of lots of visual slow Advent inspiration!

Printable Advent definition

Last year's Night Before Advent celebration of slow and quiet.

Creative Worship: Coming - includes Scripture references to read aloud with your family!

Previous list of ideas here.

Studies I'm looking forward to this December:
She Reads Truth Advent
He Is: Experiencing the Power of Jesus' Name {Well-Watered Women}
Come, Lord Jesus by Kris Camealy

What are your Advent thoughts and plans for this year?

** UPDATE: Well, it turns out that the calendar I'd printed for Advent this year is following a little bit different schedule! So, I was originally correct that Advent starts *next* week. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing this out to me!


Sarah Whitworth said...

I love these ideas. I think I am using Come, Lord Jesus also. You might want to double check --I think advent starts Dec. 3.

Mom said...

Lovely plans/links - (I was confused about Advent dates as well. Carrie and I were talking about it, and I looked it up to confirm.)

Brenda said...

Yes, I started planning for this last week or so, and I remember LAST year that Advent began the weekend right after Thanksgiving, but was delighted to learn and for 2017 Advent actually begins on December 3 and ends on December 24! Yay for an extra week!!!!