Thursday, October 12, 2017

Slow + Craft Day

With the cool weather lingering through the week, we ate most of our meals on the porch. It was lovely and felt slow and quieting even though it was an ordinary part of our routine made lovelier by being outside.

I show pictures of things like frozen waffles and canned cinnamon rolls to be real. Sometimes this is what we as moms can do and we must show grace to ourselves as well when we are in a busy season.

Almost all the photos I took last week were taken on our porch of just regular ordinary daily things. Looking back, this shows me a couple of things. One, how much I have been craving beauty and slowing. And, two - that God has provided moments of those things for me throughout an ordinary week where there is much work to be done.

We start our days with food for the body and soul. After breakfast, we are reading through 1 Samuel together and always a story of a hero of the faith. Currently, we are reading about Martin Luther. How appropriate with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month. I have two hymnals and we pull those out and sing a hymn together and then watch a ten minute classroom news segment.

I am grateful for the opportunity to do school at home and see my children enjoy the loveliness of home during the day while doing their school work. Yet I know that it adds a unique burden to each of us to carry this out. For children, it is hard to school at home and still be disciplined to not run off and play as this is also their place of childhood play and fun. For moms, it is our place of work and responsibility in the home and there is that ever difficult balance in juggling the two things.

In an effort to plan something fun for myself and my friends - I planned a craft evening for a night that David had to work. I have never felt this inadequate planning a craft day before - but this was really a test for me in depending on the Lord to bring it together. I wish I could say that I had done that depending with gracefulness but I know that my attitude was not in it's finest moments. Challenges that are on my plate are proving to be quite draining to me and things that used to be easy are now a struggle and difficulty.

Making time just to be with my children is really proving hard too as I feel the weight of all the things that need my attention. I try and remind myself that Mary chose the one thing that was needed and she made a good choice.

I've talked about slow all week - you can tell it is really on my heart and mind right now. Anyway, the crafty evening was fun! We made cake stands from this fun book that Emily gave me for my birthday.

And some of us painted little white pumpkins to look gingham! Rachel named the whole line of them while they were waiting for guests:

Sowfey {Sophie}


I was refreshed from the fun of fellowship with friends, crafting beauty and then a good nights sleep! These photos are not all from one day! Just some beautiful slow we've enjoyed this past week. Hope you can find some slow moments in your days, friends! The journey and pursuit of slow are worthwhile!


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I feel all that your feeling as well. I feel like I can right some of the things you shared. I love the idea of a craft night and just asked a few ladies if they were interested. I have a hard time getting friends to slow enough to do it. But the Lord knows what is best.

What 10 minute classroom segment do you watch? I love the idea of gingham pumpkins!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Chrissy T: There is a 10 minute classroom news segment on CNN called CNN 10. I would normally not prefer CNN for my news choice but have found this to be appropriate for my kids in introducing them to news terms and such. I'm not a news junkie but in my opinion it does not seem overly biased one way or the other but rather informative. And includes interesting people stories too.

Billie Jo said...

Always enjoy your cozy pictures and peek into your home life here...
Makes me feel a sense of comfort knowing other families out there are doing the same things we are here in our home.
Does that even make sense?! Lol
Have a cozy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I understand this place in life very well!!! Lord bless you in it. It is not easy. May we trust in Him to lead us and help us. I love your cake stand. It is wonderful!!! ~tammy