Monday, October 16, 2017

Family Photos: It's That Time Again!

With October already half over - it is time to think about family photos again in our house! I thought it would be fun to revisit the series I posted last year about taking your own as that is what we'll be doing again this year!

DIY Family Photos: Inspiration and Observation
DIY Family Photos: Styling Your Clothing Choices
DIY Family Photos: Location, Timing and Weather
DIY Family Photos: Embracing Your Timer

This year we'll be taking our photos in North Carolina while camping this coming week. Here is my inspiration board for this year:

Last year I discovered post cards on Vista Print and may revisit this idea again! Do you have any inspiration on family photos plus Christmas cards on the cheap?!

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Leanne said...

This year, our close friend, Heather (who also follows your blog!) took ours as she is starting her own photography business... I think that's a great tip... especially if you have older children who don't need to be entertained as much... to seek out someone who needs the experience like a highschooler/ 4-H participant/ portfolio gatherer to do the pictures...ours turned out SO GREAT! the other thing I've been doing is taking advantage of any "get 10 for free" offers that pop far, I have 30 high quality cards for 24.00 (80 cents a piece!)... we send a lot of cards, so I'll probably do a few more deals like that as they come alone and then just switch to the less expensive photo print cards as the holidays get closer! I can't wait to see how your's turn out!!