Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Slow Day

Technically this was not a Slow Day but rather a slow hour or two! We did evacuate for Hurricane Irma though the storm turned and ended up not being as troublesome as we had initially anticipated. Still thinking of our friends in Florida who have had a much harder time of it due to the storm.

One of our evacuation days, all of the families who were together announced quiet time and Emily wanted to take a nap. So I took the other two and escaped outside for a little nature walk and fun, it was peaceful and just lovely.

And then an evening walk in the park!

Fun math game
I'm reading Gracelaced book - love!
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Mary Ann said...

What a lovely afternoon! I thought of you while Irma was making her way up from Florida. Earlier that week, they were thinking it would hit here pretty hard and there may be need to evacuate. That was right after Andy's 2nd surgery and needless to say, evacuating was not looking too positive with a huge fresh incision...Thankfully for us, the path turned and by the weekend, we were looking at only rain and high winds. I prepared with some water, food and gas in the cars and put outdoor furniture away; power outages were highly possible at this time. But by Monday, it had downgraded even further and we got some wind and rain but nothing bad. Thankful that your area wasn't hit as hard as they first thought, but praying still for those in Florida who did experience it much more fully.

R's Rue said...


Anonymous said...

Cute top! Where did you get it?

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Anonymous: Thanks! It is from Target little girls department!

Anonymous said...

Lovely slow day! Where did you find the Washi tape that looks like French Ticking? Love!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Isn't the tape cute! It is from Hobby Lobby! ;)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I am happy you had some Beauty time. God is good. I am glad all was well.

angie said...

So glad to hear that your family was safe and your area was spared from damage this time.
Astounded that your evacuation kit included craft supplies and a tablecloth! I'm sure that these extras made the days away more enjoyable. Perhaps a blog post about preparing for an evacuation would be helpful as the amount of natural disasters seems to be at an all time high!