Monday, August 14, 2017

Rachel's 11th Birthday!

Rachel's 11th Birthday was a few weeks ago and I'm excited to be able to share what we did to celebrate! This sweet girl changed her birthday theme about two dozen times and we finally had to just make a decision and go with it! No more changing!!!

I honestly had to end up going with what was easiest to pull off since we had back-to-back things in July. This all started with finding an American Girl mystery game at the thrift store unused for $3.99. Yep, that works for me!

We had fun shopping the house for little things that fit Kit: typewriter, vintage camera and of course Rachel's Kit doll!

Rachel requested a juicing bar in addition to the mystery game so we started with that.

I'm sure you remember my birthday party budget is $50 - here's how we did this time:
American Girl mystery game: $3.99
Fun candles for the cake:$3.99
Lemon paper plates: $2.99
Fruit: $5
Total spent: $16

Now here are some fun photos of our celebration:


Unknown said...

That looks cute! Great job on the budget! Christina

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

What a fun bday it was....Happy Late Birthday Rachel!

domenica.60 said...

Wonderful party and cake!
Happy birthday to Rachel :)!

Unknown said...

so totally adorable! 11!!!!! Matthew will be 11 in 10 days... the years go so fast!!

Wendi said...

Adorable cake! As always a fun time with great attention to detail. Happy 11th Rachel!!

Mom said...

What a fun party to celebrate our sweet Rachel! :)