Thursday, August 03, 2017

Home Week Day 4

By this point in my Home Week I was actually feeling pretty discouraged. I'd spent more time sitting in the hospital waiting areas and returning for a follow up appointment two days later + getting prescription and other details I'd rather forget than I'd spent at home.

Home Week was really not going the way I had envisioned. That's life isn't it?! Finally by Thursday though we did have a day at home and I did enjoy getting some things done around the house. And in all honesty, I spent a good portion of my time this week snuggling my boy who had just had eye surgery. Definitely not wasted time! Just hard for this mama to sit still! And did I mention we have a new puppy?! :)

Today I want to continue where we left off yesterday - as the week went on for me, I started to think about the next part of Proverbs 24.

How is a home established through understanding?

- my home is established through an understanding between God and myself and between my husband and myself agreeing how our home will be run by God {"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15}

- my home is established when I speak words that are understanding, kind and gracious; how understanding am I?

- establishing home routines and rhythms with understanding: what would work for {and serve} my family and how will this show my understanding towards them?

- an understanding of God's Word establishes my home to honor Him

- do we have understanding towards one another?

- do the tasks I ask for completion of show understanding towards the personality and success of each person?

For your own quiet reflection, you can print a little worksheet here to process in your time with the Lord.

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Mary Ann said...

Oh, I can relate to spending more time at the doctor/hospital and then the time spent getting prescriptions etc.!

I do want to hear more about and see pictures of this new puppy! Puppies are quite the little creatures....LOL. I just did not feel up to going through the puppy stage this time around and in hindsight, so glad we didn't! Adopting an adult dog comes with its own challenges of course, though.;-) Puppies sure are cute but my, oh my, they have a LOT of energy and exuberance!