Friday, July 21, 2017

Storing Picnic Wares

This won't necessarily be the most photogenic post but hopefully still fun! I recently had an email from a sweet friend who reads here asking how I store all of the various things I use for picnics and table decor - so I thought it would be fun to show some of that in a post!

First of all, the cabinet where I store these things in my kitchen is frequently a mess because I dig in/out of it so often and because only about half of it is easily accessible. It is just a long cabinet that you can only reach into from one door - but it is convenient and has helped me keep things handy and limited to what will fit in there!

So I took this lovely opportunity to clean the cabinet out and am going to show you a before as we get started! #keepinitreal

Ok, now that we've got that over with - I'll show you what it should look like!

Whew - it is still full but MUCH better!!

Ok, so let me explain a little bit of what is going on here - on the top shelf, I have a green wooden crate which holds all of my fun drink holders. There are glass milk bottles and also some little plastic milk cartons. I like having them contained in one box!

The rest of the shelf is plastic shoe boxes from Dollar Tree - here, let me show you the insides:

There are a couple of other boxed items on the top shelf as well but these shoe boxes have really helped me organize and keep that top shelf neat.

The bottom shelf is harder to reach at the back so I store my rarely used roasting pan at the very back. I only get it out once or twice a year but I am glad to have it so this is a great storage spot for it.

I also keep a larger plastic bin on the bottom which has all kinds of paper goods in it: paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils, etc. It looks messy but with a lid on it - it's actually very well contained!

I have a box of jars and candle holder options and a couple of small cardboard berry boxes which hold various other odd shaped items.

Well that was fun! If you have ideas also, please share!


Anonymous said...

Monica, this was truly helpful! And inspiring. :) I would like to grow my stash of fun meal items but right now things are spread out in various places, even in different rooms. I think if I streamlined it would help me to be motivated more often. I have an old dresser in our dining room that holds table clothes, placesmats, runners etc. it also holds other random items but I am thinking maybe I could make it more into my fun spot. It has big deep drawers and could work perfect. My hubby is taking us all on a picnic tonight so my wheels are turning now. :) you are a blessing!!

Wendi said...

I've always wondered where you stored all of your goodies. I love that you have an entire container devoted to straws!

Unknown said...

I like that idea! All my party stuff and wrapping paper decor and bags are in one huge bin in the garage. My space is limited, but that's how I do It!

Kelli said...

I love this post! I have always wondered where you store you fun picnic items. You have a wonderful stash of picnic items. I too love an outdoor picnic or even an indoor one.

Mary Ann said...

Very helpful post! Like Wendi, I did notice the container of straws. It made me smile!

Mom said...

Great job on the cabinet clean out! And I see you still have an adequate supply of fun straws. :)