Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Slow Day

Dinner in the Crock Pot
A little bench I found in Colorado - I still really want a small church pew for this spot but this is working for now.
VBS fun for my three
Lunch in the car for me in between two appointments.
Newsworthy: Samuel put his face in the water to swim for the.first.time. Wow - he just swam back and forth and back and forth enjoying his new skill - something clicked!
Reading a little Charles Spurgeon.
Watermelon in enamelware = a favorite.
Kitchen honesty.
Prepping breakfast.


Wendi said...

Loved the kitchen honesty photo. There isn't one of us that can't relate to that after every meal served.

Unknown said...

I love seeing your beautiful slow days.

Mom said...

Yay for Samuel putting his face in the water while swimming - a big accomplishment! :)

Glad to see your bench in its new home - looks good! And the nectarines are beautiful in your colander. :)

Glad to see the VBS photos, too -