Friday, June 02, 2017

Pioneer Woman Mercantile!

After leaving Arkansas, we drove through rural Oklahoma to get to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile! You guys!!! This was such a fun stop!

My Mom is such a good sport with all my *ideas* - we had so much fun here! The Mercantile is beautiful! We didn't have a long wait, the food was great, the service was friendly and it was such a relaxing evening!

Leave it to PW to have sidewalk chalk for her young visitors and staff offering water bottles during our short wait. Speaking of the staff, all the restaurant staff were in gingham shirts and had fun canvas aprons!

The light inside was so dreamy with all of the amazing windows! Country music played overhead including all the greats: Johnny Cash, George Strait and Patsy Cline. Very family friendly and relaxing!

These plastic cups were perfect for our younger diners and Samuel pulled his lid and straw off like a sword and said, "On guard!" Yes, we are all in fine form after multiple long days of driving! Speaking of Samuel, after dinner - he found a mirrored column and was making all kinds of crazy faces at himself = easily entertained?! We certainly were and I took a video which will be a keepsake!

Rachel spotted this fun American cast iron skillet! It didn't come home with us but we thought it was a fun novelty to see!

I loved all the dish options! Such pretty plates and cast iron serving pieces plus huge canning jar glasses! Samuel ordered chicken strips which our server told us were breaded with Captain Crunch cereal! Rachel had a chicken quesadilla while Emily had a twice baked potato {that was divine!} and part of a turkey club sandwich. My Mom and I split a turkey club as well which was delicious and some homemade kettle chips! YUM!

And then of course there is the bakery upstairs! We brought home some sticky buns which have been sampled and were amazing as well - loaded with pecans and yummy flavor!

The store was full of varied and fun items! I loved that Rachel picked up Ree's new book and sat down to read it.

The whole experience was very small town feeling and I love that it is just an outpouring of the Drummond family and where their home is. I love knowing she built all of this from her own personality and sharing of herself!

And, yes, I even took a picture of the bathroom!

We spent a few hours there and then began our drive to the hotel. The farm roads leaving Pawhuska were quaint and we drove right by Drummond Ranch on our way out! It was golden hour and the sky was beautiful as we watched the sunset! Perfect ending to a fun day! This neat building was across the street.


Ginger said...

I love the Pioneer Woman! I have several of her recipes bookmarked on my kindle and make them often. If I were a young person starting my home, I would buy many of her items she has in Walmart. As it is, I have no reason to do so now. BUT, I enjoy looking!

Mom said...

It's easy to be a good sport about your ideas when they are this fun!! :) I would not have known that PW had opened this place if you had not spoken up about it - it was one of the highlights of our trip! Part of my enjoyment was watching you have so much fun!! :) Great new memories...

Rhonda said...

You are having so much fun on your trip - thank you for sharing it with us! I would love to visit the PW Mercantile some day. I love her cookbooks and her cooking show. But seeing your pictures and the fun you all had is the next best thing to visiting myself! You are making such fun memories with your kiddos :)

Wendi said...

It's fun to travel along with you. As I am reading these post I keep thinking about the book "Oh The Places You'll Go." Keep making memories!

Jennifer Williams said...

The PW Mercantile has been on my "To Do' list for quite a while. Your photos really are wonderful and the Merc looks so beautiful and fun. I am really glad that it is 'family friendly.' But then again, with Ree, I wouldnt expect anything less. :-) Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wow, I don't know what day of the week you were there, but when we were there the line to eat was about an hour and a half wait. We did shop there and upon my asking about another place to eat, an employee kindly gave us a few other options. We ate at a BBQ place just a few blocks down the street. The food was very good! The locals are happy PW has created this place in the middle of Pawhuska, because the town was about to "dry up." I am happy that she has helped the local economy, instead of draining the life out of it. We took main highways out, so we didn't pass the Drummond Ranch, but we were fascinated by the natural landscape and wide open skies. We also had a wonderful experience there!

Thank you for sharing. It brings back fun memories and makes me smile all over again.

Andrea L.

angie said...

Thanks for taking us along on your road trip. You always seem to make the journey as fun as the destination! When I have an upcoming road trip, I'm going to poll you about stops along the way.

Connie said...

hi that you went to the merc! while on a family vacation we were driving through pawhuska about a year and a half ago before it opened, but we still stopped by and took pictures of the building and the men working inside. we also drove by the ranch and took a photo by the drummond ranch sign that they feature in the opening of her show. and then, we drove in another entrance down the way (it's listed on the map as a public road). weren't sure exactly where we were going, but ended up on top of a little hill and right beneath us was the lodge!!! it was epic. although i think we were driving on that road a good 25-30 minutes before we even got there. she's not kidding when she says she lives in the middle of nowhere!! and it's definitely dusty as they're all gravel roads. beautiful land she gets to live on though with a big, open sky :)

*carrie* said...

Glad you had such a fun time there! I didn't even know it existed!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such fun!! Wish I could have been there too. Glad you all had such a good time on your looong trip to CO. Love you, Grandma

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I went in April with girlfriends.
It was an adventure. We had about 2 hours to wait for lunch on a Tuesday.
It was worth it.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Mary Ann said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I've never really gotten into the Pioneer Woman but funny to see this post since my sister and I were just talking about her yesterday!