Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother's Day: Make Memories!

Good morning friends!

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and I thought I'd share some fun ideas for making it special in your home! This post is not full of great photos as I'm writing it the night before posting and my photo lighting is terrible! But, I'll just share my ideas with you anyway and then share pictures after we've celebrated!

I've been pondering the idea of serving my family in gratefulness, wouldn't it be something if I served them breakfast in bed and told them how much I love being their mama?

So if you want to join me, I made a fun little printable that you can use to put on their breakfast tray and write a little note to each child that includes what you love about being their mama!

You can download the file here. I printed mine on brown kraft paper but they look great on regular white printer paper too!

I'm planning canned cinnamon rolls and some quick fruit so that it is still easy for me plus special and yummy for my family!

As for the rest of the day, I proposed a picnic and croquet game at a nearby park. This will feed my love of beauty and picnics and be thrifty plus enjoyable for all of us together as a family. I'm planning to make BLT sliders, apple slices, chips and probably come home and have ice cream.

In the late afternoon, we'll plan to watch a movie: we have The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit from the library and I will serve fun snacks like popcorn and Puppy Chow Snack Mix with a few M&M's sprinkled in. In choosing simple snacks like this, I can have my children help me in the kitchen without it feeling too involved or labor intensive. I was really trying to think of ways to set ourselves up for success in having it be a low key yet memorable day.

If you don't have a movie on hand but want to add a movie night to your day - you might consider a free 30 day trial of Christian movie service Pure Flix. I have seen some great movies that are promoted by Pure Flix and think this could be a great option for families!

And if you are still looking for some more fun inspiration - here are a few links to some great ideas for your Mother's Day celebrations!

* cut flowers from your yard
* write a note to your children to gift them on Mother's Day
* free printable Mother's Day banner, cupcake toppers and place cards!
* I love this Happy Mother's Day topper that could be used on pancakes, cake, or a variety of other meal options!
* this breakfast in bed in a box gift is adorable!!!
* you can see my Mother's Day inspiration board on Pinterest here.
* I will probably never forget reading this DIY Mother's Day post on Ann Voskamp's blog - go read it again, it is so so good. Here was mine that year. Honestly at the time I think I was irritated that my kids were needy and my hubby was able to take a nap and I was left to go hmmm, this is Mother's Day and here I sit managing little people again. I got over that hump and now when I think back this is probably my favorite Mother's Day ever - it stands out in my mind because I was intentional about beauty and we made sweet memories together. I'm going for this feeling/experience again!

Tell me your favorite Mother's Day memory and/or a simple and cheap {or better: FREE!} idea to celebrate together with your family! Also, today is the last day to enter the Bible Signs giveaway! Tons of people have viewed the post but only a handful have taken time to enter - go add your name!

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Mom said...

I'm so happy to be your Mama!!! :)

Thank you for the breakfast in bed kit you sent me - yummy and thoughtful. :)

One of my favorite Mother's Day memories was when I was there for Mother's Day and you planned a darling picnic in a beautiful neighborhood park. Samuel was just a baby so it must have been in 2008. David drove me in a roundabout way to the surprise destination. We enjoyed a yummy meal and played on the nearby playground - treasured memories!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

My Mother's Day memory will sound selfish after reading favorite one was years ago. We went to church and had a special service, my husband grilled for me and afterwards he made me go away. So, I packed up my journal, camera, and went to a park by myself and wrote in my journal about my year as a mom and what I wanted achieve or change from that day forward. My kids were young then and the break was nice. When I got home we went for ice cream.