Thursday, May 04, 2017

More Random

I finished my 2013 blog book! Blurb customer service went above and beyond in helping me figure out a solution to the changes in the software. In the end, they did not have a solution but I just tried it and it worked. I'm so happy to have another book on its way! Only three more to go to get caught up to the current year - ha! If you make a book {as a new customer} with the link above, you'll get 30% off your book and I will too -

We were recently contacted by a family friend of David's parents that she had a cabinet that David's Dad had made years ago and wanted to give it back to us. So sweet! It is is Samuel's room for right now and we love the story behind it!

Rachel opened Sunshine cafe one morning for breakfast and made menus, cooked our food and served with a sweet smile! She said we could either pay a quarter or help clean up - I like her style!

Here is my reading list for the summer - Challenge A books! I'd also like to read aloud Charlotte's Web and  Cold Case Christianity for Kids. We are really into the Disney Family movies from years ago right now! So far we've seen Mary Poppins, Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson, Pete's Dragon and The Parent Trap. So fun! I remember when they were on every Sunday night!

Have any of you used these How to Draw map books? I've had my eye on them for a while but am hoping to get some this summer - please share your experience and/or a used option if you know of one!

Another hydrangea photo and some blackberries from the yard! I enjoyed reading your updates from around your homes too!

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Anonymous said...

You'll have some good summer reading! My son was in Challenge A a few years ago and I enjoyed those. Such good writing and lessons!

Jessica Knapp said...

Monica, I have so enjoyed reading your random posts! In fact, I realized this morning that it is exactly the kind of post I needed to write - life is crazy right now! So, I stole yet another idea of yours. :) Here's my catch up post:

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Hi friend! I have the USA book. We are doing it this summer for summer learning. I will let you know my thoughts. Love your updates!

Dianna said...

How sweet of your daughter to make breakfast for everyone—with a menu, too! I must say my husband and I absolutely loved Carry On, Mr. Bowditch when we read it a few years ago. Looks like a stack of excellent books!

Mom said...

Sunshine Café - love! :)

Allison said...

My thoughts on the Draw Now books are they are a great start. They don't align as well with Challenge A. They are pricey when for your creative mind you could do the same without them. I know of at least one very large error in the Europe book and it is a big enough error that it makes me question the others. I know people talk about how wonderful they are and yes I own them but it isn't something I would spend money on again unless I found them used. I can't wait to see the new cartography book from Classical to see what it adds to seminar. If you are wanting your children to draw more, my suggestion is fold a paper in quarters and do the same with whatever map you are using and flip it upside down focusing on lines shapes rather than the finished product. :)