Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Catching Up

Good morning friends!

It seems I have a handful of random things on my mind and nothing really of much substance to fill up a post. But as I've been going through my posts from 2013 to print out in a blog book, I'm realizing that the everyday ordinary is what we all experience! We don't have monumental things or ideas to share every single day. Some days are just downright mundane or blah!

So here is a random list of things filling our home right now.

It's almost hydrangea season! Looking forward to having fresh flowers to cut and share though it appears I will have less this year than usual. Do any of you cut your bushes back each year? I never have but this year as I notice all the brown blooms that have wintered over I'm wishing I had - share your experience!

The girls have been gathering wild blackberries and we are hoping for possibly enough to make one tiny jar of jam? We'll see! I need to get a photo of them!

I mentioned above I've been working on my 2013 blog book - I'm sticking with Blurb and am happy to say that despite the changes, it is actually taking about the same amount of time or less as it did before! Yay! I just wasn't ready to give up on that yet since all of my books up to that point match. So glad I stuck with it.

Speaking of going through old photos/posts - oh, it has been so lovely! Such a joy to be reminded of all the sweet family times we've had together! When the day comes to an end and I can easily think of the things I didn't do right or well enough or with a sweet attitude, it can be so lovely to look back over this treasure box of memories and be reminded that yes, indeed - there are things we've done well.

And as I'm reflecting, tomorrow is our last day of school and it will officially mean I've graduated one student from Elementary school! I'm trying to let that soak in and savor the accomplishment!

Meanwhile as we are speaking of transitions, I have stepped down as Director of our CC community for next year. I have mixed feelings about this but feel that it is what God wants for our family as Emily starts the Challenge levels {7-12 grades}. I am still serving our local CC communities as Support Representative which has caused me to really rely on God for my inadequacies!

We're looking forward to our Practicum coming up in a few weeks and then heading to Colorado!

The girls ballet recital is this weekend so we are all aflutter with dress rehearsals and costumes and excitement!

I have sort of stalled on the Dining Room project while trying to finish up the blog book project! Once I finish the book, I hope to get back to the table!

Probably need a second update day but these are the things I'm thinking of right now! Tell me your random things - what is going on with you!?


Leanne said...

we always cut back our hydrangeas...but not until it thaws here in Indiana...
with kids in Christian school-- May is NUTS... there is a program, a game, a project, a recital, a fun day, etc nearly every other day until the date of MAY 25th!! then, we will be gloriously finished!!
one of my true joys of this past year is my part-time job at the preschool... I LOVE some of those wee ones so much and know I will have tears this summer when some of them leave and move on to kindergarten...
I had a really upsetting experience this past weekend with someone implying I don't love all my children equally... it hurt me to the core, but also reminded me not to make assumptions of others based on a few snippets on FB or something you might see in passing... I believe all of us are trying to do our best!
I will be thankful for spring allergy season to pass-- hachoo, hachoo...!!

Wendi said...

We are busy finishing up school. There has been a Spring program, puppet play, carnival, fundraisers and coming soon is the science fair, field day and a week at camp. Makes me tired just thinking about it! I am trying to cherish it all as this will be our last year at this little school. On May 23rd this chapter will close and a new one will begin. Our journey into homeschooling will start with Megan as a 6th grader! In between all of the school stuff I have regular homekeeping and am trying to squeeze in time to get out into the yard. We have had warmth and tons of rain (4.5 inches over the weekend!) so the weeds are out of control!

I enjoy post about finding joy in the ordinary!

Huskerbabe said...

We are finishing up our school year and finally getting out in the yard to get it ready for Spring. Organizing my home business as it's picking up. Planning summer activities and deciding what we want to do for vacation, thinking maybe Colorado Springs and west for some much needed R&R. Looking for a cabin for two active boys and two tired parents.
Oh, and we are loving the Masterclass British Baking Show so I'm thinking we may plan some baking lessons for the summer to give us something fun to do. We need a bit more fun in our lives.

*carrie* said...

Hope the recital goes well this weekend. After light snow flurries yesterday, today's high is in the 60's--it's sunny and beautiful. Hooray!

Congratulations on getting "one child through elementary school!" =)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

We are plugging away to the finish line of our school year. I have been preparing, planning, and researching for next years school year as we are having some changes in our curriculum. I am adding a little more to our year but it is much needed. I have taken the last three years in a slower pace and this year needs to be a little more "meaty" for the kids.

I am also entering a new season as we will be graduated our first child next year. We are preparing for college and it has been such a crazy thing to think about.

This week I am working on finishing up our next year calendar, make a summer plan, and go through new books. I want to do this before I break comes so I can just enjoy summer.

Have a blessed day.

Gretchen said...

We have a hydrangea bush that my husband cuts back every year. We've had this bush for several years now and every year it has bloomed, except for last year and I was so sad. I am hoping it was just a fluke and that this year we will have blooms again. Have you ever not had yours bloom? Also, since I'm commenting I will take the time to say that I always enjoy reading your posts. Always so real, encouraging, and beautiful. Thank you for taking time to share it all with us! Have a blessed rest of your day!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Leanne Thanks friend, for sharing so many little snippets of your life! So sorry about the hurtful comments - people just don't think sometimes. Hope summer is relaxing and refreshing to you!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Wendi - I tried emailing you, hope you got it!

@Huskerbabe: active children and tired parents - oh, I hear you friend. Colorado Springs is a lovely spot! We'll be going this summer too - check out the cabins at Mueller State Park! I need to check out the British Baking Show - I keep hearing about it!!

Leanne said...

The 4th Season of the Baking Show comes on 6/16 to PBS... the rest of the episodes for USA viewing are on netflix or Amazon :-)

angie said...

It seems that everyone is experiencing transitions this time of year. We are preparing for our son to graduate from high school and our daughter from middle school. During these promotion years, the activities are tenfold of a normal year! We are also trying to get some work done on the exterior of our home, plan a graduation party, prepare for visiting family, plan for sports camp (VBS), plan a vacation, wrap up spring soccer and track seasons, and more. I can feel the tension in my shoulders as I type this. My hubby has been traveling nearly every week, but finding brief windows of time to help coach my daughter's track team in hurdles. I hope to carve out some serious planning time over the next two days so that I can enjoy all of these milestone events.
All of the rain over the winter has made the flowers more prolific and vibrant than normal.