Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Little Chick Story

The very day I posted about my book I had a very very difficult conversation with the publisher which led to many tears on my part and an agreement to part ways. Things like this are so very hard for me and there is still a lot of hurt from the past year's experiences.

Needless to say it was just a hard day, my children rarely see me cry to that degree and I was so comforted in their sweet smiles, looks of empathy and understanding, I'm sorry's, hugs and little notes saying I love you, Mama. Oh, they did my heart good for sure.

Later that afternoon, Emily brought me this little story she wrote. It was a sweet blessing to me and I continue to re-read it for the encouragement it provides. I'm not going to correct punctuation in this case because I don't want to re-divide sentences/thoughts that she wrote.

Once upon a time there was a mother hen and that mother hen loved her three chicks. One named Emerily, one named Rashel and one named Sam. They loved their mother hen, she was the first thing they saw beaming down at them with proud eyes. Twelve, ten and nine years later, their mommy was laying lots of eggs. She decided she wanted to sell the eggs to a group called N* transportation. But that didn't work out too hot so she chose a group called God's hands. She left it to Him and all went well. They were a happy family and often did things together: they drew with feather pens, they went on walks around the barnyard, they played with Henry the turtle at the lake, but most of all they loved each other just like I love my mommy hen.

*N: abbreviated for public sharing

Note: in the midst of my phone call - they found a turtle in the road and brought him home to our porch for the day. He was later returned to our neighborhood lake. Years ago when we saw our first turtle in that lake, they named it Henry and now every turtle we see is the same. 


Mom said...

What a sweet story that Emily wrote and what a blessing to your mama heart! :)

Huskerbabe said...

Just lovely~
You are teaching them well. :)

*carrie* said...

That is so sweet!

KM said...

Hello dear friend, That is a beautiful story Emily has written. You are, indeed, a lucky Mama when your kids are so attuned to your heart. I am so sorry your heart has been broken by this publisher. Your book, the slow way of daily living, and your biblical lives are something so worth sharing and much needed in this fast paced blur of world. I hope this does not discourage you in the least. Thanks so much for giving heart.

mysweetbunch said...

I love the story Emily wrote and it is what truly matters;)

angie said...

Emily processed the difficult situation by writing a story that would comfort you as well. She has a very tender heart! I took note of the fact that you've placed your book in "God's hands", both in the pubisher's name and in relinquishing any personal goals for its future. To God be the glory for how your book reaches hearts and minds of busy mamas!