Monday, March 27, 2017

Slow Lane Update

Good morning, friends! I wanted to pop in this morning and give a little update on my book. The very first thing I want to do is to thank you for supporting this so graciously and with such kindness! Thank you for ordering and reading my book! Thank you for giving it as gifts and sharing it with friends!

I wanted to let you know that there is a possibility that as of April 30th, my book will not be available on Amazon. I don't know if this is temporary or permanent but in case you've had it on your wish list and still want a copy - I wanted to provide an opportunity for you to still have a chance to read it!

Our experience with the publisher has been one of the most challenging business experiences we've ever encountered. It has not been handled with truth or integrity in any way. And, my first concern is that other believers not be led into this themselves. I would be willing to share more in email form with any who are looking into publishing or had considered this company an option.

Second, we simply cannot allow this publisher to continue to be able to publish this book. It saddens me to say this but David and I agree that this is what our next step should be. We have been talking with another publishing option for several months about moving it there and I've also considered looking into Amazon self-publishing but for now all I know is simply that if we are not able to come to a workable agreement, it will be unavailable after April 30 at least for a time but maybe forever.

Thinking back to one year ago when you were championing and supporting me in this effort by buying a tshirt and pre-ordering this book lifts my spirits and cheers my heart. In it all, I simply remember that it was a walk of obedience to write, finish and follow-through to the end with this project. That has been accomplished.

I cannot see what God has in store for this or any other book yet - but I'm grateful for this: He is God! He is over, under, around, in and through all and His name WILL be glorified even in the hard!

Thank you again, friends for your sweet friendship and kindness to Slow Lane and to me!

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Anonymous said...

My husband has published two books with a Christian publisher that was less than ideal. As far I as know, there wasn't dishonesty going on, but a real lack of professionalism. After pouring his heart and time into two books, he hardly sold any due to the lack of marketing and work of the publisher. He was locked into a contract with them and they didn't hold up their end of the bargain. We just pray that the books get into the hands of people who need to read them. It is disheartening and I'm sorry you've had a somewhat similar experience.

Anonymous said...

Please be encouraged that your book has already been such a blessing to many! I do not want your book to be out of print and I hope and pray those details work out. But even in the last few days I have picked up your book again and just thumbing through it is so inspiring and encouraging and just what I needed. You have helped this heart be molded and grow and I certainly know I'm not the only one.
Be blessed today!
Amanda H.

Wendi said...

I'm sorry this was a less then stellar experience. Once the book is released from this publisher, if nothing else, have you considered making it available as an ebook to purchase from your blog?

You had a goal and you acheived it! That, my friend, is a wonderful thing. I have a friend that is an editor in Colorado and she talks about how tough the industry is and how many, many never see the dream of their book in print. You have accomplished something great, touched many lives, and regardless of what happens, in the future, you should be very proud!

Keep walking in faith and dreaming big!!

Huskerbabe said...

I'm sorry that you've had such a challenging experience. From what I hear this is not uncommon in the publishing business and it's sad that it has to be this way. I will be praying that you come up with a better option.

I just got your book last week and am anxious to start reading it. :)

*carrie* said...

Proud of you for persevering. Sorry this has continued to be so stressful and discouraging. Love you!

Shelby said...

Oh sweet Monica I'm sorry that this has been a stressful and discouraging experience with the publisher. Praying for direction. On a happy note - I received birthday money and purchased the book yesterday on Amazon. I would have been heart broken if they sold out and I couldn't get one. Hang in there friend because God is faithful!