Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Slow Day

Eye dr and then an adventure walk - a few coins in the parking meter and explore! We found an adorable coffee shop where we split a "Bi-Polar hot chocolate" which was a scoop of ice cream with hot chocolate over it!
Orange Spice Cake from a past issue of Deeply Rooted - I am not great with icing decor but nature decor is more my thing! A fun little connection is that the leaves on the middle of the cake are from when I was at the Deeply Rooted retreat!
Watched a Christmas movie - not sure I would recommend so I'll not post a link!


Shelby said...

Oh my, such sweet pictures Monica:) Makes my heart smile.

Mom said...

Love these glimpses into your days! :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Love it. Your cake is so cozy looking. Yes....cozy. I love your daughters outfit.

Anonymous said...

Your photos make me want to venture out, but life is just too busy with other things at this time. My goodness, the door handles on the cafe were beautiful!! I, too, enjoy your daily glimpses. Thank you for sharing, Monica.

Andrea L.

*carrie* said...

Rachel's outfit is so cute!

Mmm, that drink sounds yummy.

Creative cake decor!