Friday, January 27, 2017

Childhood Fun

One morning recently, I went outside to put a letter in the mailbox and came upon this art left by Emily. She made the paints from ground up sidewalk chalk, water color paints and water and "borrowed" one of the stones from our garden edging.

I know it will wash off, but it reminds me that my children have the time to be creative outside and make their own paints and create something fun and beautiful. Home educating is hard and sometimes we feel like giving up but then I see things like this or Samuel doing his spelling along the arm of the couch propped up on a pillow with sunlight streaming in the window and such a calm, peaceful, beautiful and inviting home atmosphere - what a glorious learning environment!

I am grateful for these reminders and for God giving the strength and courage {and calling!} to keep going. Seeing this rainbow on our porch gently reminded me of such beauty. Yes, I probably wish that the paint wasn't smeared all over the arm of our rocking chair - but it will wash off and isn't earth shattering. Creating and exploring and having time to come up with these things is a gift in childhood and yes, even in adulthood.

When school and chores are finished and these three in my care ask if we can go to the beach after the library, I agree. The breeze is a tad chilly for enjoying playing by the water but they seem not to notice, a tree near the library seems a bit confused on which season it is, and I should've taken a photo of the black mud they were in up to their knees that smelled like the marsh. Rachel was so pleased with the large piece of shell she found! And, then the sky while I sat in the car during ballet and read a book!!!

We don't handle rush, hurry or frazzle very well in this family - slow is our pace and it brings peace and beauty which I am grateful for!


Wendi said...

I couldn't have written your last sentence myself! I am currently in a season of challenge and change. I have been praying often and even though we are still in that season I am finding peace.

I enjoyed your pictures. It is cold, blustery, the roads are slick and a light snow is falling here. I can feel the warmth through your photos. :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

It truly is such a wonderful experience to home educate well just to be a mama. There are precious moments like these that make me so thankful for the ministry of motherhood. We had a "slow" day yesterday and I shared about it on my blog. Thank you for letting the Lord flow through you to share with others the beautiful of slow. I pray I surrender, listen, obey, and worship daily. As well as slow down and relish moments like these. Bless ya.