Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Deeply Rooted: Walk in the Woods

It is no secret that I find quiet time in the woods to be so restorative. I skipped one afternoon session and headed out in gifted boots from my sweet friend. I had to throw mine away recently as they were in such sad shape. I pulled on my new Deeply Rooted t-shirt and a thrifted sweater. Grabbed my canvas bag and a little brown paper bag of trail mix I made that morning at the Trail Mix Bar.

Rabbit trail: Little touches of beauty and thoughtfulness just speak so sweetly to my heart. I find myself wanting to do these things often but am not always sure who to do them for, budgeting for these things, when is a good time, etc... In other words, I seriously overthink.

So on the way home from being gone almost two weeks total including our evacuation and retreat, I start thinking about how I would like to do this for our CC mamas. The next day. I committed to not overthinking and stopped at Wal-Mart while Samuel was at Football practice to get some goodies. It was so fun to bless my friends and get in my creative happy place.

Ok, so I think this is one way that I heal from things - create beauty and joy for others. But that is another topic for another day!

Back to my walk in the woods!

I did not have a big agenda for the afternoon - I wanted to sit quietly, write a list of things I remembered about my Grandma and pick up some leaves. It was less than two hours but brought such refreshment and restoration. I found myself nodding my head again thinking how time in the woods does me good. What does that for you?


Unknown said...

Lovely monica... what a fun thing.. a trail mix bar!:) so very sorry about your grandma. I was very very close to both of mine. Remember that they are always with you in the great cloud of witnesses. She is alive!:) love your beauty making, you're such an inspiration! I like quiet walks to talk to Jesus. It calms my mind, and my heart. It refreshes my spirit and soul.
Take care. Christina

peggy said...

Such a pretty place. No woods here in the city for me, but enjoyed your pictures so much. Loved the acorn picture.