Thursday, November 03, 2016

Deeply Rooted: Sweet Spots

Today I'm wrapping up my retreat photos and saving the things most special to my heart for last. Highlights of the retreat include:

* 20+ hours driving in the car {total} with my friend Jill. We talked almost all of that time and still hadn't run out of things to say. Yep - she's a keeper!

* Making new friends!

* Meeting Ann Swindell: so I've read her articles in Life:Beautiful and was eager to meet her but what.a.treat. This girl is a gem and such a genuine and tender, caring friend. I cried my eyes out at lunch one day when she asked about my book and out came all the hard, hurt and sorrow that came with publishing it. She speaks such life-giving words and guess what? Her first book is coming out in April! She is also a truth-teller extraordinaire and with such grace and beauty.

Her workshop on Wholehearted Mom, Wholehearted Creative was just a balm to my soul and confirmed some things God has been putting on my heart lately. Again, her focus was just so Jesus-centered.

"I don't need to make a name or place for myself in this world, He has already done that for me. He will hold everything together."

"The goal is not success or fame, the goal is obedience and His glory." ~ Ann Swindell

 * Experiencing Fall. Really, this was such a gift to me getting to wear layers, walk briskly to breakfast in the morning, smell the leaves on the ground and crunch through them. Seeing the Fall colors I usually only see online was such a treat! I loved the location and the campy atmosphere.

* Hearing Dr. Glenn Jago speak one morning. He suggested we read through the Psalms focusing on these three things: God's attributes, an action {or actions} of God and what is going on in the life of the Psalmist/how to apply it to my life. I've already started this and so appreciate the reminder not to read the Bible for what it does for me but for what I learn about the character of God. Let that sink in!

* Driving home and sneaking in an hour or so on the Blue Ridge Parkway! David and I are counting the years until he retires and Lord willing, we will move closer to this beauty!

At this point, I'm not sure if Deeply Rooted is planning on repeating this retreat or not and if they do I don't know if it would work out for me to go. But I'm going to just settle in this place right here and be thankful for the gift of going this time. My heart is full and I am grateful.


jen medeiros said...

Thank you for taking your readers through Deeply Rooted.....what a beautiful experience. I could almost smell the leaves and feel the coolness as your described:) I am going to read through Psalms with the suggestions you wrote......looking forward to this,
I am reading through your lovely book and I plan on sending a email to you soon. For now....just know it is touching my heart and confirming what I have known for a long time but have not always lived out. I will be giving your book as Christmas presents to a few dear friends. Thank you for listening to the Lord and writing your book. I am blessed every time I open it and also when I come to your blog.
Have a beautiful day!

Jessica said...

Monica, I SO enjoyed reading about this retreat. How did you hear about it? Sounds just so wonderful. Like the previous comment, I am soaking in your book and loving it. IT is such a gift. Despite the hard that went into it, know it is producing fruit now! Love you!

Nancy at said...

Hi Monica,
I've enjoyed the journey you shared of going to the Deeply Rooted retreat. Wish I could have been there and I will watch to see if they have another. It seemed beautiful through your eyes and camera lens.

I was wanting to ask if you would consider sharing more about your book publishing struggles. I've tried following you through it and the last I remember reading is that you found many mistakes in the first copy that was sent to you. I guess I'm wondering if you were able to get everything corrected that you wanted. Also what other areas in book publishing were a challenge. I'm sure many of us have a book inside of us waiting to be written and could learn through your process.

Have a blessed Sunday,