Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Down the Slow Lane

This cover is so pretty I don't know if I could ever get tired of looking at it. My book has been out now for about six weeks and I haven't said a whole lot here but I think I'm ready to process a bit and share some things.

Getting this book published and to completion was one of the hardest experiences I've ever had. At some point, I will share more possibly about this process but for now, I will just say that it was so hard. I cannot in any way recommend the company I used and that is hard for me to say as well. 

However, I do feel gratitude and peace that it is done and out there. I love hearing from some of you who are reading it and send a special thank you to each one who has bought my book, shared about it, left a review, encouraged me in any way. Thank you!!!!!

My sister is leading a group of ladies in her home town through a book group using this book - I love that and wish I could go be part of it and learn from them in the things they are processing. 

A few blog friends have graciously shared here and here and over the weekend, I had the opportunity to guest post at a new friend and fellow CC mama's blog. PS: she also has a book out and a second one coming soon!
I can relate to so many of the things Shannan shared after her book released and have found myself drawing in since the going out of these words. A piece of my heart is out here in copies that have traveled all over and have made their way to homes and hearts around the country.

Also, I realized I never really shared any pix of the inside!!! There are lots of photos, Bible Study questions, charts, it is basically a slow workbook for you!

And, the slow freebies are still here - I set up a newsletter list so when you sign up for that, you will automatically receive the links to the downloadable goodies! Plus in the future, I may just want to share something sweet with those of you who have signed up. I have an idea for Christmas time - stay tuned! I am not entirely sure how I'll use this yet but I can promise you this: you will not be inundated with email from me :)

I am missing writing every Wednesday and Sunday evening to get this book ready to share! There was definite purpose and calling in those days and I am feeling somewhat lost without it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - for supporting and encouraging in the process. For faithfully visiting here and making me feel at home at this little blog address. I am grateful.


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Shelby said...

You are my favorite blogger Monica and such a sweet person. I feel like I know you so well that I can call you friend. I can't wait to get a copy of the book. Shelby~xoxox

Chelle said...

I bought your book and I l Love it. You did a wonderful job. It also sits on my coffee table. Your cover is beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Monica Dear! I am SO proud of you.
I am enjoying studying your book, SLOWLY!!!

I love you., Grandma

Anonymous said...

I am new here and I am LOVING your beautiful, encouraging blog, Monica! I can't wait to get my book, shirt and bracelet order on Thursday :) This place has brought so much beauty to my day!

*carrie* said...

I am proud of you, Monica, for persevering! The finished product is beautiful inside and out.

Am I on your newsletter list?! =)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love your book. I am working through it and it has been such a blessed addition to my study time. I have recommended it so much to so many people. I feel so special to have a book of yours. I can feel your heart through it all but mostly is speaks and shares Christ and I believe your mission was accomplished. It has been such a blessing to me. I want to buy some for Christmas gifts and already was thinking of that. I was also hoping you would sell shirts again. Maybe long-sleeve so I could gift it with the book. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing with us and allowing the Lord to minister though you to us.

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Your book is my wish list, I love your blog it is so inspiring. I use to follow you years ago, So glad to find you again. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Mom said...

What a treasure your beautiful book is! I can hear your heart in the words and see your heart in the photos! Dad and I are proud of your accomplishment in completing this lovely book, but we are even more proud of the wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend you have grown up to be! We love you ~