Thursday, October 27, 2016

Deeply Rooted: His Image Bearer

Our time began with twinkle lights and a warm welcome! A canoe adorned the deck and held canvas bags filled with fun swag goodies. There was the excited hum of chatter and the fringes of nerves in meeting new people, not being known, a long day of travel and so much more.

Chris and Bethany Solyntjes led us in great worship music. Two favorite songs are:

The first night, I was introduced to Gretchen Saffles of Life Lived Beautifully. The thoughts she shared about our identity in Christ hit on so many things that my friend Jill and I had spent almost ten hours talking about in the car on the way there. I loved hearing her heart.

A donut bar after morning sessions is always a good idea!! We were housed in cabins that had bunks in them and it was fun to grow in knowing our cabin mates as the time went by.

A favorite speaker was Jen Wilkin, author of Women of the Word. I will think twice about posting a verse on Instagram after being reminded at how often we take God's Word out of context and just post a little snippet that has nothing to do with us.

"The Bible does not exist to make me feel better. Don't look for how the Bible serves me but how I serve the God of the Bible."

"We become what we behold, I am His image bearer so I must behold Him so I can bear His image well."



laura said...

What a good reminder about context. And then donuts:-)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fabulous get away with God and for encouragement. Have you read Jen Wilkin's book? I've heard it's really good. I'd love to hear more about her talk. Thanks for sharing :)